Gorean Desk Accessories w/ 5 Wax Colors for Seal & Candle.

July 29, 2011

These are a few accessories that were created for the Administrative Desk Set.  The accessories include:

  • Fire Pot (2 Prims)
  • Scroll (1 Prim)
  • Scroll Pot (5 Prims)
  • Sealing Wax Set (3 Prims)
  • & Quill Well (3 Prims)

The Fire pot has flames that can be turned on or off by touch.  The sealing wax set includes five colors for the melted wax and the candle which can be changed by clicking them.  The colors are red, blue, green, yellow/gold, and purple.  The quill well dispenses a full perm quill which is worn on the right hand.  The quill does not contain any animations as the writing animations are in my desk sets.  But it does work with all of my desks.

The items can be purchased as a set on Second Life’s Marketplace or as individual pieces at the “Market of Gor” where they can also be seen first hand.


Gorean Administrative Desk & Chairs

July 28, 2011

I have been quite busy the past couple of weeks as I’ve been doing a custom build for the sim, “Ko-ro-ba Station“.  I have more or less finished the buildings and am now working on the furnishings.  This desk set was created for the Administrator’s office and comes in 8 different colors.  The administrative desk & chair are linked as one object so that the writing animations will be set properly.  Together, they are ten prims.  The set also includes a copiable version of the chair so that you can set out chairs for guests / visitors.  The chairs, by themselves, are five prims.

Both the desk and the chairs are copy/mod.  The administrative chair includes 7 sitting poses and 2 writing animations.  There are 3 sits for women, 4 sits for men, and a writing animation for each gender.  The guest chairs contain four sitting poses… two for each gender.

This items can be seen and purchased in world at the “Market of Gor” or purchased online at Second Life’s Marketplace.


Tunics of Gor

July 18, 2011

This is a simple tunic created as a full ensemble for slaves or a sort of smock for those who are free.  The tunic comes in 9 colors and includes a prim rope that ties around the waist, a tunic top, and a tunic skirt.  The prim rope is copy/mod so that you can adjust it to fit your avatar.  The tunic top is a jacket layer and the skirt is the system skirt layer.  Both of the system layers are copy only.

The tunics can be purchased in world at the “Market of Gor” or online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Seat of Gor with Slave Ring

July 18, 2011

This seat was created as an accessory to the “Couch of Gor” which has been the most popular bed I have designed.  There are numerous references in John Norman’s books about seating with stone bases, covered with furs, which contain a slave ring in the base.  The slave ring is used to secure slaves as well as serve as a reminder to free women that their freedom is at best, precarious.

The main piece in this package is the seat pictured which is five prims and includes the fur cushion, stone base, slave ring, and shadow.  In addition to this piece, the package also includes a 1 prim fur pillow that can be rezzed on the floor by itself as well as a 2 prim “chair” that just includes the stone pedestal and the fur cushion.  So, depending on the availability of prims at your location, the seating is quite versatile & you can even mix it up to give some variety.

The fur cushion contains 4 poses and 1 animation for free persons.  Two of the sits are for free men and two sits are for free women.  The animation is a sewing animation for free women who like to sew :p  I’m one of those RPers who likes to be realistic and keep herself busy… so I created this sewing animation for my personal use… but I thought I’d pop it in their if anyone else would like to use it as well :p

The stone base includes 7 poses for a slave and the poses include captured (pictured), display, female tower, ko-lar, male tower, nadu, and sleep (my favorite :p)

The scripts are copy only but the seating itself is copy & modify so that you can adjust evertthing to your taste.

The fur pedestal can be purchased and viewed in world at the “Market of Gor” or purchased online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Kalana Wine Stomping Chore w/ Wine Vat & Kalana Stain Tattoo

July 17, 2011

I was actually working on a dance pit when I got the idea for this chore :p  I thought, “How fun!  to strip down and mush around in a sea of squashed kalana fruit! lol

The vat comes in two varieties, one made of stone and one made of wood.  Both vats are two prims each and holds two avatars.  Each avatar can choose to either stomp to their heart’s content or sit down on the side of the vat and catch their breath! 🙂  The kalana fruit surface is sculpted to give it some depth rather than just a flat two dimensional look.

The vats are also copy/mod.  They will show as no mod in your inventory due to the scripts used for animating the avatars.  However, once rezzed, you can adjust the size, shape, and textures of both prims.

In addition to the vats, there is a copy/trans tattoo to stain your slave’s legs with kalana juice as proof of all their hard work!  So feel free to pass it along to anyone and everyone you like.

Both vats can be viewed and purchased inworld at the “Market of Gor” or online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Crescent Moon Gowns

July 16, 2011

This gown was created to compliment the Triple Moon Collection and comes in 8 vibrant colors.  The Triple Moon Silks have been wildly popular.  Since most of my friends are free women, who don’t wear silks, I decided to make a gown that was in a similar style.

I also enjoy Hellenic RP, so I created two wearable styles for the gown.  The first style is a grecian goddess style which drapes over the shoulder and clings around your form to a swooping trail at the thighs.  It also includes a very old world silk scarf to drape from your hair. 

The second style is more for Gorean RP and includes full length sleeves that cover the arm from neck to the center of the hand.  In addition to the hair veil, there are also two face veils.  One veil has a built in face light, the other does not.  In addition, the face veils are mod so you can adjust the opacity of the veil depending on the culture of your sim/city.  It defaults at 40% transparent. 

The face and hair veils each have small crescent moons at the attchment points which serve as the “fastners” or “pins”.  In the original Triple Moon Tunic & Silks Collection, the moons were inspired by the three moons of Gor. However, the triple moon symbol is also from the Pagan Godess triad and represents the waxing, full, and waning moons as well as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

The package includes the following items:

  • Tattoo – Grecian Top with Glitch Pants
  • Tattoo – Free Woman’s Top with Glitch Pants & Extended Sleeves
  • Undershirt – Grecian Top
  • Undershirt – Free Woman’s Top
  • Underpants – Glitch Pants
  • Shirt – Grecian Top
  • Shirt – Free Woman’s Top
  • Pants – Glitch Pants
  • Jacket – Grecian Top
  • Jacket – Free Woman’s Top
  • Gloves Extended Sleeves
  • Prim Veil with Face Light & Adjustable Opacity
  • Prim Veil without Face Light (Opacity is Adjustable)
  • Prim Hair Veil
  • Prim Skirt Attachment Right Hip
  • Prim Skirt Attachment Left Hip
  • Prim Skirt Attachment Pelvis

For what it is worth… I have been in SL for five years and have never had a man compliment my clothing until I wore this gown in my store this morning 🙂  & the White Crescent Moon Gowns are an excellent wedding gown. 

All of these gowns and more are available in world at the “Market of Gor” or online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Furs of Gor with Optional Slave Ring, Stone Canopy, and Sheer White Drapes

July 14, 2011

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted.  I have been working on some clothing textures which take me FOREVER to do :p  And, they still aren’t ready for release.

In the meantime, I have finished this Gorean bed.  It consist of a stone pedestal with brown furs placed at it’s center.  The furs are surrounded by a ringed roll of furs as well as four fur pillows.  On top of the pedestal is a series of custom sculpted pillars with sheer white curtains draped between every other two columns.

At the base of the pedestal is an optional slave ring for securing slaves. (It will rez in place with the rest of the bed and can be linked, deleted or left alone)

The bed itself holds 95 adjustable sex animations which include such categories as Seduction/Dance, Cuddles, Oral, Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, and Anal.  Just click on the center of the furs to rez two pose balls.

Each of the four pillows contains 9 adjustable poses for role play and includes casual (lay on your side), Coy (Lay on your stomach), Free Man’s Sit, Free Woman’s Sit, Give Birth, Recline on Arm, Sleep on Back, Sleep on Stomach, and Sleep on Side.

In addition, the optional slave ring cantains 7 adjustable slave poses such as captured, display, female tower, ko-lar, male tower, nadu, and sleep.

The prims on the bed pieces are copiable and modifiable.  The animations and scripts are not.

The bed can be viewed and purchased in world at the Market of Gor or purchased online at the Second Life Marketplace.