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Gorean Administrative Desk & Chairs

July 28, 2011

I have been quite busy the past couple of weeks as I’ve been doing a custom build for the sim, “Ko-ro-ba Station“.  I have more or less finished the buildings and am now working on the furnishings.  This desk set was created for the Administrator’s office and comes in 8 different colors.  The administrative desk & chair are linked as one object so that the writing animations will be set properly.  Together, they are ten prims.  The set also includes a copiable version of the chair so that you can set out chairs for guests / visitors.  The chairs, by themselves, are five prims.

Both the desk and the chairs are copy/mod.  The administrative chair includes 7 sitting poses and 2 writing animations.  There are 3 sits for women, 4 sits for men, and a writing animation for each gender.  The guest chairs contain four sitting poses… two for each gender.

This items can be seen and purchased in world at the “Market of Gor” or purchased online at Second Life’s Marketplace.


Slave Display Cushion

June 30, 2011

This three prim cushion was created as a custom request for a slave display cushion to match the other pieces from the canopy collection.  The cushion has an on/off rotation (per her request) and can be accessed by clicking the pedestal.  The poses are accessed by clicking the cushion.  Likewise, you must “sit” on the cushion not the pedestal.  Setting up the cushion this way, allows you to access sits without interfering with your rotation selection.  And, in reverse, you can switch the rotation on or off without interfering with the poses.  All of the poses are adjustable and include display, ko-lar, nadu, & tower. 

The cushion can be viewed and purchased in world at the “Market o f Gor” or purchased online at the Second Life Marketplace.



Couch of Gor ~ Gorean Beds w/Sex Animations & Slave Ring

June 27, 2011

This bed was designd based on multiple descriptions of couches and beds in the Gorean novels by  John Norman.  They are frequently described as being furs draped over a round stone pedestal… with a slave ring mounted in the base. 

This bed sits up to five avatars and includes 9 custom RP poses as well as 95 sex animations.

The base of the bed contains four poses for slaves and includes, female tower, male tower, nadu, and captured (pictured).  Each of the round pillows contains five poses for free men and free women and includes a Casual, on the side “half laying/half sitting” pose as well as a free woman sit, a free man sit, a custom natural sleeping pose and an RIP pose.

By clicking anywhere on the furs, you can bring up pose balls for sex animations with a men containing 95 animations.  the sex animations include both heterosexual & lesbian selections.

If you would like to see the beds in world, please feel free to visit, “Market of Gor“.  Or,  you may also purchase the beds on Second Life’s Marketplace.



Sa-tarna Bread

June 24, 2011

Believe it or not!  This serving platter of Sa-tarna bread is only ONE prim!  The platter itself & the loaf of bread are one single sculptie!

Whoever touches it, will receive an animated slice of gorean bread (sa-tarna bread) that will animate their avatar with a priority 4 animation to make them look like they are eating the bread.  The animation only animates the arm, so you can eat the bread while sitting, standing, or kneeling.

The platter & loaf of bread (1 prim total) is transfer only.  The animated slice of bread is copy/trans so that you can share it with your friends!

The shadow used in the ad is included in the crate and is an additional one prim object.

If you would like to see the bread in world, please visit the “Market of Gor“.  Or, you can buy the sa-tarna bread online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Kalana Fruit Bowl ~ Serves Animated Fruit On Touch

June 23, 2011

Though I frequently see kalana fruit depicted in Second Life as yellow fruit, all of my research indicates that it is red but that the tree itself has yellow wood and yellow leaves.  So, unlike must of the kalana fruit sold in SL, my fruit is a rich red color.  To remain true to the BTB descriptions of kalana fruit, I’ve included some yellow leaves on a couple pieces.

The set includes a 5 prim, transferable bowl of fruit which gives an animated piece of fruit to anyone who touches it.  The animated fruit is copy/trans and contains a priority four animation that only animates your arm.  This gives you the appearance of occasionally taking a bite of fruit and allowing you to eat regardless of wether or not you are standing, sitting, or kneeling.

The shadow is a separate, one prim object.

If you would like to see the bowl of kalana fruit in world, please visit “Market of Gor“.  Or, if you wish, you may also purchase it online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Sa-tarna Paga ~ Rezzable Serving Tray

June 23, 2011

This rezzable Sa-tarna paga serving tray is designed to match the other serving pieces from my Gorean Foods Collection.

Unlike my other trays, this one is not linked as one object so that you can pick and choose which pieces you want to rez.  The set includes:

Serving Jar (3 Prims):  Dispenses animated cups of Sa-tarna Paga when touched.  The serving jar is transfer only.

Serving Tray (2 Prims):  The tray’s purpose is strictly cosmetic.  It includes no animations or scripting.  It just adds detail to the table setting and also is textured with shadows for placing the serving pieces & giving your table a realistic look.

2 Table Cups (3 Prims Each):  Again, these are just for visual appeal and do not include any kind of script work.

Animated Cups:  These are worn and have a priority 4 animation so that you will look like you are occasionally taking a sip of paga.  The animation only affects the arm so that you can remain standing, kneeling, or sitting while drinking the gorean paga.  The animated cups are copy/trans so that anyone can be served.

If you would like to see the serving tray in world, you can visit “Market of Gor“.  Or, you can purchase the serving set online at the Second Life Marketplace.


Sa-tarna Paga ~ Animated Serving Tray

June 23, 2011

This animated Sa-tarna paga serving tray is designed to match the other serving pieces from my Gorean Foods Collection.

The animation is a priority 4 animation (meaning it over-rides your AO) that only animates your arms.  This allows you to hold the tray while you are standing, sitting, or kneeling.

The tray itself is transferable and includes everything in the ad.  Whenever someone touches the tray, they will receive a cup of paga.  The cups are copy/trans.

If you would like to see the tray in world, please visit “Market of Gor” or purchase it online in the SL Marketplace.